The history of our Stubby Steve's artificial fish food lure...
Stubby Steve, the developer of this product, has been a practicing veterinarian for 25 
years and also has two undergraduate degrees in Animal Science and Nutrition.  
Because of this background, Stubby Steve has an intricate working knowledge of
animal foods.

Stubby Steve consulted with fish food companies, fish biologists, fish breeders and 
hatcheries.  The most important aspect of our patent pending product is that we 
studied what gives fish food its unmistakable odor and then concentrated this in our
lure.  Our proprietary formula contains a substantial amount of the very finenst  fish 
food.  We put as much of this product in each piece of Stubby Steve's as we could 
without sacrificing its structural integrity.  Stubby Steve's does smell more
like fish food than a piece of real fish food.  The only fish food we use has fish as the
main ingredient, as opposed to cereal grains.  Grain fish food is much cheaper. 
Maybe this is why we attract so many different species of fish.  It retains its odor even
after being in the water for hours.  We made it semi-porous so odor and fish food would
leach out over hours.  This product performs like it should, no empty promises!  The
various species of fish we have caught with our lure when nothing else works is impressive
and growing every day.

We could make a plastic lure that looks like a piece of fish food.  Manufactured plastic
is cheap to  produce and cheaper to make lures with but it is environmentally unfriendly.
If you smell the "plastic" in a lure, so will the fish.  The only thing Stubby Steve's smells
like is fish food.  Not only do we want to stress how effective our lure is, we also are
happy to say it's biodegradable and environmentally friendly!  Creating a lure that
will not contribute to the plastic lures gathering on the bottoms of our lakes and ponds
makes us proud.  Each piece is handmade here in America!
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