"Having worked in the fishing business for over 25 years it takes a lot to impress me when talking about new fishing products. During the past two months four of our employees and myself have been fishing Stubby Steve's for crappie, shellcracker, bluegill and channel catfish. Knowing well the importence of scent and having used Power Bait and Gulp! for years when fishing for these species my employees and I are overwhelmed at the effectiveness of Stubby Steve's. One pellet will last longer than a jar of Power Bait product and catch as many or more fish whether fished alone on a bare hook or tipped on a jig. When anglers try this product they will never go fishing without it. It is truly the best scented bait I have ever used." - Captain Darrell Van Vactor, President/CEO Crappie USA and Cabela's King Kat Trail.

"What do ya'll put in this to make the fish jump on it like that?" Joe Simmons - Houston, TX

"We finished in 5th place last week in the Crappie USA Super Event at PickWick Lake. We were introduced to Stubby Steve's at that event. We switched to Stubby Steve's after we ran out of minnows. It produced fish as well or better than minnows. It definitely was an attractant and we caught many fish with one piece." Jo and Henry Haley - Carmi, IL

"I would generally agree that live bait works better if you pick the right one. I almost never fish with live bait. When I do it's crickets or worms for bluegill, coppernose bluegill and redear sunfish. Up until a year ago I would have proclaimed that live bait fishing with crickets is the hands down most effective method! Then I tried Stubby Steve's. I did a test on three different days (spring, summer, and fall). Every time the Stubby Steve's beat the heck out of crickets. It would work even when crickets and worms would not. These were feeder fish and non-feeder fish." Eric West (on Pond Boss Forum) - Mississippi

"The good people at Stubby Steve's have created something special with this lure. I have caught so many species with this when nothing else was working. And rarely do you ever need to rebait your hook" - Josh Milczski - Omaha, Nebraska

"I took some friends fishing the other day. All 3 of us used various plastic worms but one friend and I added Stubby Steve's to our hook. We landed a few small mouths and even a large mouth. My buddy was not successful without the Stubby Steve's bait." Scott - official tester of FishHound

"Those Stubby Steve's pellets work great on the yellow perch and one will stay on the hook indefinitely!" Cecil Baird - North East Indiana

"A friend told me I just had to try this lure and he gave me a pack. I ran through it. This stuff is unbelievable. I've caught 6-7 trout 27 inches long and several trout 22 inches long. A great thing is you can't get it off the hook." Gary Magaard - Chester Springs, PA

It was very windy yesterday but I still managed to catch more than 25 crappie with one piece of Stubby Steve's. I only lost that piece when I got hung up. Two fishermen asked what color jig I was using.  They switched to that color and still had no success.  They finally asked what I was using on my jig.  I gave them one piece to split and they immediately started catching fish.  Stubby Steve’s caught way the majority of fish. I love this product.  The bad thing is I have 10 jars of Crappie Nibblets that I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do with.  I guess I’ll give them away as Christmas presents.”  Richard Varran – Lawerence, KS

"Stubby has some good pellets. This summer I caught 25 near 1lb CNBG on one pellet. That was all I wanted to harvest or I probably could have caught twice that many on one pellet. I would guess that one pack of 20 pellets would catch as many fish as 1000 crickets." Eric West - MS- Pond Boss Forum

“I’ve been having great success with Stubby Steve’s for Crappie.  I have had the same 1/6th a piece on my jig for three weeks, and still catch as many or more fish than anglers using the Crappie Nibblets.  Although the Nibblets works well, you have to recast 99 out of 100 times you get a bite.  The only time I’ve ever lost Stubby Steve’s is when I lost my jig.  I have an inside connection with Berkely, so I have 2 cases of Nibblets I will never use.”  Mike Suitt – Lawerence, KS

"It's better than anything else. I catch more fish with your lure than I do with worms. Bluegill love it, everything loves it. I used it to catch the carp out of my pond after they came in by a flood." Mark Maqura - Valparaiso, IN

"Dang sure works. That's all I can tell you. Works everytime." Jimmy Patterson - Amarillo, TX

"One percent of the time you can't beat a worm, just use Stubby Steve's the other 99% of the time." Told to us by Eric West, member of American Fisheries Society at Pond Boss Conferrence 2011

"I fished at a friends house and in one hour we caught every species of fish in his pond except for one (grass carp, large-mouth bass, bluegill, hybrid blue gill and hybrd striped bass) all with Stubby Steve's." Scott from Grovertown, Indiana. photos on the forum

In answer to which is better, Berkley's crappie nibbles or crappie nibblets: "They really do help when the crappie are finicky and early spring and late fall but I don't use nibbles. I use Stubby Steve's that in my opinion are better than nibbles and one piece will catch many crappie and usually last all day." Bruce on crappie.com

"I was recently an official field tester for the North American Fishing Club and received your product to test and I would love to share my results with you. I got a chance to try your product on both the Mississippi River and a private lake and got the same results on both. This product not only works extremely well but lasted even in the fast current of the Mississippi River. First I was using a worm, then a jig head and twister tail and crank baits and wasn't doing very well then I tried Stubby Steve's pellets. I used it on bare hooks, tipped a jig head and twister tail with it and used it on crank bait and I was catching fish on almost every retrieve. Not only did your product perform well but it stayed on the hook and out lasted anything I have used in the past. I caught small mouth and large mouth bass, stripers, catfish, and bluegill. I then decided to try for some trout, knowing the warm weather often doesn't produce the bite as it does in early spring or late fall but I got my limit in a short time. Thank you for allowing me to test your product, I only wish I had more to test." Michael Daniels Official Field Tester for North American Fishing Club - Dubuque, Iowa

"Stubby Steve's fish lure is the best lure on the market. Stubby Steve's lure has the same size, shape, smell, and even floats just like fish food. It will catch Bass, Bluegill, Shellcracker, Crappie, Catfish, Hybrid Striped Bass and many more. This lure stays on the hook very well and will catch many fish on one piece."Greg Grimes - Aquatic Environmental Services, Inc Ball Ground, Georgia

"I recently used a package of your Stubby Steve's Fish Food Lure while fishing with my 5 year old son. Our farm pond is loaded with channel catfish. Typically, when fishing with my son, we use live bait such as earthworms. However, on this occasion, we tried the Stubby Steve's Fish Food Lure. I baited my son's hook and on his very first cast, he hooked a fish! To my surprise, I was able to release the fish and re-use the Stubby Steve's lure. In fact, my son landed at least 15 fish using the same lure. The success of the Stubby Steve's Fish Food Lure was amazing. They will continue to be a staple in my tackle box. Thank you for making such an outstanding product!"Adam Hater - General Manager - Jones Fish and Lake Management - Cincinnati, Ohio

"I've been testing the bait along side the usual trout baits I fish with and have been doing very well with it. Even though trout will hit some very loud bait colors, the trout seem to ignore the bright baits and attack the Stubby Steve's bait as soon as they see it!" Gordon McHenry - The California Fishing Show

"I just received my package of Stubby Steve's pellets and put them through a 21 point inspection... Oh my goodness! This blows every other pellet based bait out of the water. Berkley hatchery chews don't hold a candle to this stuff. Pellet flies are no more. It stays on the hook all day long and looks, smells, and tastes exactly like fish food. Steve's pellets leaves an amazing chum slick in the water that Bluegill, Catfish, Carp, Hybrid Striped Bass, and especially Trout cannot resist!" Nate Herman - Herman Brothers Pond Management - Peoria, Illinois- Cabala's Trophy Properties Lake and Pond Services

"I am an avid trout fisherman. This is the best trout lure I've ever used!" Alfred Sanchez - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Thanks for your Stubby Steve's donation. I had my first class of 59 anglers today. After class, we went down to the lake fishing. We fished for three hours with the following results: 17 crappie, 4 largemouth bass, too many bluegill to count, and one catfish. Each angler used only one piece, with the exception of 13 folks who dropped theirs. It was very easy to use, and people like that it was not messy and nothing left on their hands." Kevin Reich - Master Angler- Fishing Education Instructor - Hale Center, Texas UPDATE: "Saturday and Sunday I had camps with five Boy Scouts Troops. A total of 54 boys. We changed up the way we fish and fished bottom with just your lurer. We caught a total of 27 channel cats. A couple of the boys wanted floats so they fished witht them and the bluegill were plentiful." Kevin

"On my debut outing with these lures I hooked into 5 different species of fish within an hour!" Todd Overton - Overton Fisheriess Buffalo, Texas - Cabala's Lake/Pond Services and Lake Mapping Partner

"Thank you Stubby Steve's for the lures you gave me at iCast. I think you can add another species to the list of fish caught on Stubby Steve's. After the show ended on Friday I attended the iCast event at Osceola Outback Adventures courtesy of Coastal Angler Magazine. Several of us descended on the ponds that are stocked with barramundi. All manner of tackle, bait and lures were used. I chose my fly rod and secret weapon. I had a 1/0 Gamakatsu Octopus hook on my leader upon which I threaded two Stubby Steve's. The fish had been hammered by over 100 anglers from iCast over the previous couple of days so the barramundi had wised up. Fishing wasn't easy- for most that is. I sight cast the Stubby Steve's to fish I could see in the sand holes in the weeds. The barramundi would take most every time. After my fourth or fifth fish in a row people started asking what i was using. After about ten fish I was getting bored because the catching was a little too easy. I took a break and started handing out Stubby Steve's lures to others who wanted to hoard in on the action. After dinner and a little relation I picked up my fly rod again. By now the sun was low enough I couldn't sight fish anymore. This time I tied on a popper and had the Stubby Steve's dangling behind on a 15 inch leader. Chugging the popper hard seemed to excite the barramundi. If I missed a strike or if a fish just flashed on the popper, all I had to do was stop the retrieve and they would pick up the Stubby Steve's almost every time. I added another eight or ten barramundi to my total before it was time to go. The Stubby Steve's was awesome. Live bait caught a few bigger fish, but nothing, live bait or artificial, came close to the number of fish caught on Stubby Steve's. The only downside (if you can call it that) is that the Stubby Steve's worked so well that I ended up giving my whole stash to others who wanted to join in on the fun. I need you guys to hook me up with some more of those Stubby Steve's lures!" Paul MaCinnis - Coastal Angler Magazine - Titusville, Florida

"My daughters and I each used a piece of Stubby Steve's. We caught over 40 Blue Gill. I put all three pieces back in the package for later... were we supposed to do that?" Ron D. - Edisto Island, South Carolina

"Thank you for sending us some of your bait samples. We tried it out during the Trout Fish Out at the Oklahoma City Bass Pro Shop this past weekend. Kids and their parents started fishing the pond at 9:00am before the store opened so all we had to fish with was your samples. The fish went wild! They caught a lot of fish. As the day wore on, the bite slowed up so we started mixing things up by throwing salmon eggs, corn and other prepared baits. Everything worked well. By late afternoon we were still catching trout with Stubby Steve's bait and it was staying on the hook much longer than eggs and paste." Keith Thomas - Fish Biologist/Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation - Norman, Oklahaoma

'I'm fishing ponds in Edisto Island, SC. Brim, tilapia, large mouth, hybrid stripers, red fish, mullet, even eels all caught on Stubby Steve's. I call it 'cheating' when I use it. This stuff is amazing... it catches everything!" Robert Smith - Edisto Island, South Carolina

"A couple of months ago I received samples of Stubby Steve's. Since that time I have been using it as an attractant on all of my crappie lures. I have fallen in love with Stubby Steve's as not only are crappie drawn to it but we have also caught quite a number of largemouth bass while crappie fishing. The durability of the product is amazing! It stays on, doesn't dry out and can be used over and over. I think if you try it you won't be disappointed." Art Chamberlin - C & C Guide Service

"This is the greatest fishing lure for bream." Al Allison - Allison Fencing Company - Charlotte, North Carolina

"Hey guys, I send you to school - buy you books - give private lessons to teach you what I know, and you still don't understand that a fly rod was invented to toss Stubby Steve's?" George Glazner - Pond Boss Forum - Texas

"Steve showed up at my pond last evening and said, 'I'm here to catch one of those big cats.' Since my pond is one of Stubby Steve's test ponds, I've seen Steve catch many Blue Gill, Hybrid-Striped Bass, and Large mouth bass on a fly rod. However, these fish never leave the Stubby Steve's alone long enough to hook into one of these old, finicky, hook-shy cats! Steve's plan: to use a #3 hook so the Blue Gill couldn't eat it. I told him to expect a 12 pounder. His plan paid off and in a short amount of time he caught a 20lb 15oz channel cat. The largest channel cat ever caught in this pond previously was 12 pounds. This product consistently out performs every other lure ever used in this pond." Larry Crane - retired Wildlife Biologist - State of Virginia

"I caught five fish in ten minutes using only one piece of Stubby Steve's." Greg Ray - Kennesaw, Georgia

"I was recently fishing in Roanoke, Virginia. I was using live bait but wasn't doing well. Some fellows beside me were catching were one after another. I finally asked them what they were using. They said the new Stubby Steve's. I talked them out of three pieces and proceeded to catch 25 fish (Crappie, Trout, and Catfish) interchanging two pieces. The next weekend I was in Massachusetts fishing in a catfish tournament. I let my friend use Stubby Steve's and he won the tournament using only Stubby Steve's! This is the greatest fishing lure ever invented... you can't get it off the hook!" Paul Whitman - Albany, New York

"...my Grass Carp, which love eating fish food more than aquatic plants, push their way to the front of the line to bite on a Stubby Steve's. The pellets are very durable, as advertised. After a ten or fifteen minute battle with a 40+" Grass Carp, the hook will be in the process of straightening, but the Stubby Steve's pellet will still be on it, ready to catch another fish." Theo Gallus -Ohio

"Your small pellets work great! My wife and I put them on a fly rod and caught a Blue Gill on almost every cast!" Bob McFarland - Talco, Texas

"My Dad and Uncle had been fishing for three days at Myrtle Beach when I arrived. They had caught not one fish. On my fifth cast with Stubby Steve's, I caught a flounder. I proceeded to catch another flounder, a seatrout, and a red fish. Unfortunately my fishing was cut short by an untimely fall from the dock and a laceration to my leg that required 25 stitches. End of my fishing. Stubby Steve's was responsible for the only fun I had." J.T. Keene - Bluefield, Virginia

"My nephew was fishing the local public lake helping me catch golden shiners for the pond with a 4# test line, and this grabbed the pellet. I don't know who was more surprised, the fish or Mike when the fish started peeling off the line from the reel. It took about 10 minutes to get it landed." Scott - Grovertown, Indiana

"We took our son fishing. All three of us used minnows but my son and I added Stubby Steve's to our hook. He and I caught a catfish, large mouth, and a small mouth! His Daddy went home empty-handed (he had to suffer the consequences of NOT using Stubby Steve's fishing lure)." Jessica Robins Pugh - Bailey Switch, Virginia

"I didn't have any worms and someone wanted to go fishing. I gave him the sample pack of Stubby Steve's you sent me to try out. He came back so excited by how many, many fish he caught using just one or two pieces." Andy's Trout Farm - Dillard, Georgia

Update: "Stacy, We had another great outing with the kids and Stubby Steve's. We caught trout, bass, crappie and bluegills. I landed a 9'3oz black bass using Stubby Steve's on a H&H spinner. This is the biggest bass I have caught in my life time. Kids love using the lure on a bar hook and do well. They love the fact that they can put it on with no mess. It is a real easy lure for the kids to use. The nice thing is that one lure works for a long time. Believe in what you got going because it really works! Thanks again." Kevin Reich - Master Angler - Hale Center, Texas - TPWD Angler Education Area Chief Vice President of Procurement and Distribution

More testimonials coming! Please e-mail your photos and stories to: stacy4stubby@gmail.com

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